Professionisti European Group Consulting

Area of activity
Corporate, accounting, restructuring, M&A


Strategic and management consulting (set up, analysis and control of instrustrial and financial plans; study and set up of international corporate structures);

Corporate and organisation consulting (study and completion of extraordinary operations - mergers, de-mergers, branch acquisitions and sales - and corporate organization plans);

General consulting on accounting and financial matters (Accounting support, analysis of specific financial deals, set-up, analysis and audit of financial statements of local and foreign companies according to IAS and IFRS, management Accounting);

Corporate crisis consulting (analysis, study, and completion of restructuring and reorganisation plans, debt restructuring, insolvency restructuring plans, liquidations and insolvency procedures);

Execution of Due Diligence, Data Room, Teaser and Information Memorandum set up  for the M&A activity;

Support in the M&A negotiations and in the completion of M&A agreements;

Technical support on accounting and financial matters in lawsuits.

Professional qualifications
Certified Public Accountant and Auditor: member of the Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili di Milano (Board of Certified Public Accountants of Milan - Italy) since 1994 at # 4043; member of the Italian Legal Auditors since 1999 at # 92185.

Italian, English, French

Professionals experiences and education

from 10/2008: European Group Consulting - Studio Associato Ragionieri Commercialisti e Revisori Ufficiali - Founder;

from 01/2004 to 05/2011: Syntek Capital GmbH - Private Equity - Chief Operating Officer and member of the Vorstand (Board of Director);

from 06/2000 to 09/2007: Securfin Holdings Spa - Family Office - Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director;

from 11/1999 to 06/2000: Nico Group - International retailer in the apparel sector - Chief Financial Officer;

from 03/1998 to 10/1999: Aon Srl (formerly Nicols Sedgwick Srl) - Insurance Broker - Chief Financial Officer;

from 01/1990 to 02/1998: PriceWaterhouseCoopers Spa - Audit division - Manager of the Audit Group focused on the Financial Sector.

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